Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day Kaci!!!!

Wow! Eight years ago today we met Kaci for the first time at the White Swan hotel on
Shaiman Island in Guangzhou China. She was a little peanut and reminded us of a cricket in the way she was all arms and legs. She was so quiet until she warmed up to you, then she was a hoot! Then someone would approach and she would get quiet, just like a cricket!

Today she is a giggly girl who wears her emotions right out there on her sleeve so everyone knows exactly what Kaci is feeling. There is no subtelty in her. She loves being on the computer listening to music, dancing, and learning piano. She wants to be a teacher at this point in her life and we will see how many times that changes. Kaci is also very high maintenance. Some would say she has distinctive tastes in clothes... Well, not really that. She just likes shopping at the mall. LOL One day she will be trying to act 16, the next day closer to her age and then another time, she will act like a pre-schooler.
She has gone from a cry baby (ha ha) to a giggler. Most things are funny to her. She tries to find fun in everything she does. She is my glass half full kid just like her older sister.


vivian said...

ohhh! a new computer! haha! :)

cathy said...

Shannon... She is a wonderful young lady.. you know I just love you children.. Please give her a hug from me..