Saturday, September 6, 2008

Exchange Student Orientation

Many of the students
Max and Yuri are 7 & 8
from the left

Many of the Asian girls
Beverly is in Green
Apple is in the turquiose

More students
Apple and Beverly
in green and turquiose

Pawel is in the jeans

Many more of the students

Yuri and Max
Kali and Kole


We had a wonderful time meeting 34 students and their host families and Area Reps today. Best of all Max was able to meet his friend Yuri who will be living not far from my mom. So we will be able to visit!

Kaci loved hanging out with Donna and Uyen (pronounced Wen). I really enjoyed meeting Apple, Beverly, Uyen and Jonathon, four of the 6 students I am supervising this school year. We also met Yuri, Pawel, Arne, Alli, and many many more! They are all very good kids!
They are looking forward to Oktoberfest with a trip to Six Flags.
It was a long day, but fun and way too much food available!

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vivian said...

more exchange students!!
i do miss the time there a lot!
oh and thanks for the yearbook,
i appreciate it :)