Saturday, March 22, 2014

Enter Facebook - Blogging back burner

It has been months since I last posted.  I have been through so much since my diagnosis of Colon Cancer and Lynch Syndrome.  Everyday I live with the fact that I can have cancer again and it won't be an easy fix.  But with this is always the fact the cancer was detected early and was removed. 

I have been VERY busy with the three kiddos.   Kali is preparing to graduate from high school on May 31st.  Kaci is going to be promoted to high school on June 2nd.  And Kole, well he turns 12 today!!!!!
Here he is when he had just turned 4 while we were in China (size 2T and 3T)

And today at 12 years old!

ok, I grabbed him as soon as he woke up! LOL
Kole has come a long way baby!  He plays football, basketball, runs cross country, was in the top three for his grade in the spelling B, has all A's and 1 B in math and he plays the trumpet in the school band.  Kole has also been operating the spotlight at the Junior High Musical this weekend.  Can you say we are so proud of him.  And he has been home with us for 8 years!  He is nearly as tall as Boyd and I now and moving past his sisters in height.

Kali has grown into a beautiful woman.  She is pretty, smart, sassy, funny, and downright awesome.  She will be attending Missouri State this fall for Experimental Psychology or that could change.

Kaci is growing up fast as well.  She plays basketball, runs track and keeps us on our toes.  She has her first boyfriend of any significance only because it has lasted 6 months.  They are cute together and have a lot of ups and downs. 

We are at 5 dogs and 1 and a half cats.  We still have Tasha, Mia, Reiko and Doodlebug.  We have our foster Gabby and our kitty Tinkerbell.  The 1/2 cat Georgie Porgie who shows up only on occasion.

And here we are at Christmas

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