Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where have we been and what are we up to now

We have been right here!  BUSY!!! 

We have had Olivia (Hyo-Lim) Lee with us this school year.  She is a sweet quiet girl.  She didn't give me a bit of a worry at all.  Tonight is her last night here.  She flies out tomorrow to visit a friend and then home to South Korea.  I feel we have done her an injustice.  Things were so busy and sight financially that we just didn't get to do the things we always do with exchange students.  I hope her friend can make it up to her by spending quality time touring.

I have a Senior in High School now!!!  Where on earth did all the time go!  Kali will be 17 next month.  This doesn't seem possible.  She even has her first job.  Lifeguard at Porta Pool where  she first learned to swim.  Kind of a home away from home.  She teaches lessons and then just makes sure all the pool rules are enforced.  She is looking at colleges now too.  We have it narrowed down to Missouri State University, Kansas University, University of Missouri, and University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.   Kali has grown into a wonderful young lady.  She is on Student Council next year, Class officer, National Honor Society, Leadership Committee, and she participated on the Prom committee and helps out in all other areas.  She finally has wheels that she can drive until she can purchase her own.  This makes my life easier.  Looking to the future she is interested in Experimental Psychology.

Kaci is in her last year of junior high.  She is a sassy, take me as I am kind of girl.  She loves track and basketball.  She has had a lot of ups and downs this school year.  She has her few close friends and others she gets along with, but doesn't call them her close friends.  There has been so much he said she said and rumors and lies and just plain smack going on in her life, I am glad it is quieter with only those few.  But then, I miss all the friends she used to hang out with all the time.  I miss her having a feeling of camaraderie she has had in past years.  She has become less open at home and it worries me as well.  I can't even begin to guide her if I she won't talk about what is going on.  She has even stopped confiding in her sister.  This scares the bejesus out of me.  What has someone done to my baby to do this to her?  She is a straight A driven student.  She makes good decisions on balancing school and sports.  She likes to cook and prides herself in being able to do it.  Looking to the future she would like to be an Accountant.

Kole has really come a long way!  He is active in sports and still barely sits still, in perpetual motion.  I think even in his sleep.  He is really growing up!  He is an A, B student, plays football, basketball, and is trying cross country this next school year.  He has been through 3 more surgeries and bounced back amazingly well after all of them.  He is due for another one possibly next month to clean up his P-flap.  After that is healed he will start having aggressive orthodontia.   He laughs a lot still and when he gets mad, boy is he.  He goes to his room and you might see him the next day.  His sisters have been increasingly harsh toward him.  He is starting to go through puberty and it is tough for him.  It is tough on him being almost 2 years older than his classmates.  I still think he is in the right grade.  Now if we could just get his time on video games and computers cut back.

We have fostered a boston terrier for Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue.  He was a wild boy.  But, he has turned out fine.  He went to his knew home where he is spoiled rotten and loved like crazy.

We still have the rest of our menagerie.  Tasha, Mia, Reiko, Doodlebug, Tinkerbell and Smores. 
Smores is our newest kitty.  She is a year old now and always wants to go out, but we keep her in as well as we can.  All of the white on her makes her a bit conspicuous to coyotes, owls, etc. 

Boyd has been laid off work since late January, so we do the best we can. 
Me, I am still working at the same place.  Nine years until retirement.  This is the year that my wonderful grandma went to heaven.  This was sad while not being tragic.  She lived a long time.  She was 93.

 I hope you enjoy the following photos.

That's all folks!
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