Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer is over and the school year has begun

We finished off the summer with two college visits for Kali.  Yes, she is now a Senior in High School.  The time has gone so fast!  Who knew the time from meeting Kali at 14 months to the time she started her senior year would go so fast!  We visited Missouri State University in Springfield, MO and Kansas University in Lawrence Kansas.  Both schools had a lot to offer and both were beautiful campuses.  We received word just this past week that Kali has been accepted to Missouri State University!  We are both so proud of her!  She has really blossomed and grown up.  She is now a young lady instead of a child.  When did this happen!?!?   I guess this happened over the past 17 years.  Seventeen years ago this month is when we were preparing to go and meet our wonderful Kali. 

Kaci has really blossomed over the summer.  She is now an 8th grader and will be turning 14 next month!  SAY WHAT?!?!?  Where have the last 13 years go!  Kaci accompanied Kali and I on these college visits.  She went to observe and enjoy getting away from home.  Kaci also went and spent a week in Tennessee with her Uncle Pat and Kelsie, Lorrie, Scooby and more!  She was able to see Nashville and go to the races.  She really loves the state.  Now she is thinking she might want to go to a school in Tennessee when she graduates.  Next year she will be a freshman in high school.  Amazing how fast they grow up!

Kole has grown so fast!  He is nearly as tall as Kali at 11 years old.  Kole has started running Cross Country with the Junior High team.  Kole is in the 5th grade and doing fantastic in school.  He does great at running and has put football and basketball on hold to explore some other areas.  He has decided to try band this school year and see if it is something he likes.  I thought for sure he would be allowed to play saxophone since I own one.  But no, they chose him to play Trumpet.  great.  I hope they have a loaner.  Kole also enjoys his video games and watching TV.   He likes to pick at his sisters and listen to Kaci complain at him and Kali just feeds it back to him twice as much.

Boyd has finally started working.  He is working through a temporary service at a company called Simplex.  They make electrical parts.  He has been working hard and keeping the pool clean.  He has been painting on the shed and finding all kinds of projects to work on.

Me, well, I am still working hard and keeping the family going.  I was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and I am working with the medical community to get what I need to beat it.  The prognosis is very good.  I meet with the surgeon and the oncologist this coming week.  I expect surgery will be coming very quickly.  Once surgery is over then I will have to have yet another colonoscopy.  And more following that.  Not something I ever thought would happen, but I am keeping a positive attitude and doing what I am supposed to do. 

We still have 5 dogs and two cats.  They keep me busy.  I will see if I can get some pictures put up for your viewing pleasure.

 Kali and Kole

Me and Doodlebug

 Boyd and Smores
First day of school 2013-2014

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