Friday, November 8, 2013

I am a cancer surviver

Since August, when I was diagnosed with Stage 1 colon cancer, there has been a whirl of activity.   Surgery was scheduled and canceled.   Genetic testing was done and the results have revealed,  I have Lynch Syndrome affecting the MH6S gene pattern.  With this diagnosis,  I was scheduled for a double surgery.  Full Hysterectomy including ovaries and a fullsub total left colectomy.  Meaningnno more large instestines or femalemorgans formthe cancer to attack.
Pathology showed that no more cancer cells had shown up in these organs from the original removal of the cancerous polyp.
I spent 4 days in the hospital and have been home less rhan 2 weeks.  Everyday I get stronger and heal a little more.

There is still the possibility that I could end up with stomach or esophagus cancer, but we will cross that path as necessary.

For now though, I'M A SURVIVOR!

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