Sunday, February 13, 2011

Starting to feel like Spring

Today is a warm up!  Already today it is starting to feel like Spring out and I am getting the Spring Cleaning Bug.  Time to start getting rid of stuff that is just sitting around with no purpose!  I am loving just seeing the sun!

I have seen several Robins this past few days.  I have been seeing them off and on for about 2 weeks now.  Hmmm  4 weeks until Spring?  The old saying is Spring is six weeks away from the first Robin siting.

The girls are gearing up for Music Federation competition next Sunday afternoon.  This is Kaci's first year and Kali's second time.  They play scales, a memorized solo with accompaniment and a non-memorized solo with accompaniment.  It will be very interesting.  Then I think they have a school music solo ensemble coming up in March.   Next year Kole will have his first Recital.  He better gear up and start practicing.

Midterm grades came in and both girls have straight A's!!!    Kali went on a biology club field trip this past Friday.  She had a blast!  She had a lot of homework to catch up on, but she had fun!  They went to Starved Rock State Park.  That is starting to look like a great day trip for the family.

Kaci is exchanging a Valentine gift with her first boy this year...  EEEKKK!!!!  where did my baby go!??!?
Kali and her boyfriend exchanged gifts last night.  He got her a Columbia fleece jacket and she got him a large chocolate crunch fish.  LOL  He is really hard to shop for. 

We went to Annie's birthday party yesterday in hopes that Kole would get to see Sierra... LOL  We tease him about his future prom date.  They were adopted one month apart...  He is a year older, I think.  WE had fun hanging out with our Washington IL friends.  Then went to dinner at Avanti's Italian Restaurant.  This will be on our stops in the future.. Just like Harris Pizza in Rock Island and Country Style Ice cream in Moline. LOL

Hopefully the kids will have no more snow days this school year.  As it is they will be going to school probably until June 5!  oh well, it is good for them.  :-)

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