Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We had snow!  And a lot of it!!!  11 inches and plus in some areas.  Drifts were 3 - 4 ft high!   First order of day was making a trail for the little dogs and the others to go out to do their thing...  Checked out the back door where the outdoor dogs are usually at and was only able to open the door about 6 - 8 inches.   The back deck had the drifts and about 11 inches up to the door.

We spend the day finishing putting flooring down in Kole's room and scooping snow and playing with the kids and dogs.

Enjoy the snowy pics!

Kali, Boyd, Kaci



ahh warm fire




Hope you enjoyed the pictures! 
Our county had gone to a Level 3 snow emergency  last night.  This means that all roads in Menard Co were closed to all traffic except Emergency Vehicles and plows.  Finally around 2 pm today we received the all clear for state highways.  School is canceled for the 3rd day tomorrow.  Today the governor even closed the state except for those services that are required to keep the state running.  Pretty bad...  Couldn't have come at a better time.  I had been sick, Kaci came down with it and now Kole is...  Kali is yelling at them all the time to cover... and that she will slap them if they don't.  lol  

While Boyd and the kids were outside trying to scoop out the driveway this afternoon, a neighbor brought his tractor with his plow attached and cleared out the rest of our driveway for us...  an answer to a prayer.

well, gotta go!

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