Sunday, March 6, 2011

Keeping busy

This weekend Kali had IHSA solo ensemble contest.  She received a Division I for both her solo and a duet played with one of her very good friends.   Her confidence was broken a bit with her scales.  She stressed so much about it that she drew a blank, but came back to have a beautiful solo. 

Kali is also going to try out for the pit orchestra in their school's play of Cinderella.

Next weekend is Kaci's solo and ensemble contest.  She is playing a solo, a duet, a trio, and a quartet.  She is very busy preparing. 

I think we are done with contests after this round, then recital's will be arriving in April.

Kole continues to do very well on violin with very little practice.  The practice he is doing is done well.  I am amazed at how well he is picking this up.  I hope the girls instruments are paid off before we have to purchase a violin for him. LOL

I have been continuing with Weight Watchers.  I am down a total of 15 pounds and hope for another 35.    Then I will set another goal.   I really need to break down below that 200 mark.  I know hard to believe I was 110 at marriage and I have doubled my weight.  Stress is a really bad thing.  So are certain medications.

Boyd has finished painting the girl's bedroom.  It is PINK! with Chocolate brown trim and turquoise green curtains.  It looks really sharp.  And they have a fake crystal chandelier which really brightens the room.  Of course Kali's comment now is it looks too little girlish and something is missing.  I am sure she will think of it.

Kole's room is all blue.  I am sure I posted pics of it on an early blog entry.   The closet doors still need to be painted and put back on, but otherwise their rooms are done!  Yeah!  Now we can get the hall flooring finished.  

Boyd has been working Sundays so all the kids have been going to church with me.  Kole is the only hold out and he has no choice since he is 8.  But this week he should really like children's church.  They are going to play with WORMS!!!  Should be fun for him.  Boyd has also been doing all the changes to the kid's rooms.  He sure is handy!

The dogs are all healthy and so is the kitty.  There are days I think of letting some go to other homes to make our lives easier...  but it is like trying to pick which kid you want to get rid of and that seems to have the answer of none.  Tasha is 8 years old and she is such a sweetie.  She was housebroken almost immediately this year.  Her thing is to get into the trash, so that stays in the garage when she is inside.  Mia is 4 years old and she is house broke but she constantly dings you to pet her all the time and she wants the couch.  The bostons have finally all caught on to what it is to be house broke and the clean up has begun.  Reiko is about 4 years old Mojo is 5 years old and Doodlebug is 1 year old.  Then we have the Tinkerbell and she is about 10 years old. 

Kali will have driver's ed next school year which starts in August!  ahhhh!  How scary is that!  Hard to believe my baby is grown up soooo much.

I am sure there is so much more, but gotta go get my day started!

I went back and checked and no pics of Kole's room, so here goes.

Their rooms are all still a mess with bewds unmade so I can't show the full room shots yet.

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Wells said...

Love the blue color! Boyd should paint my room, plain white :( All the recitals and solo competitions sounds like what I did as a kid (I played drum set and xylophone)