Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunny Sunday

This is Max William on the left. We hope to see him soon!

Yeah, it is sunny today! We have pumped about 3 inches off the pool. Boyd is putting in the posts for the step on teh deck for that project to be complete. The kids try to swim, but the water was WAY too cold.

Kali might have swimmer's ear. There was only a couple times we did not clear her ears out with alcohol so it is back...

Kole cleaned up his bedroom with no arguments about it. Kali cleaned up the living room and all have been helping me with laundry. It won't be long and we will need to get the bunk bed moved in and the twin bed moved out of Kole's room to make room for Max. We have the dresser already in there for him. We are getting really excited about Max joining us. I hope that Sweetpea does not spend the entire school year barking at him like she has done so far with Boyd and Kole.

Mia slipped her collar yesterday and she was so pleased with herself. She took off running and we went after her with the van. She hopped right in and acted like she should be there and was ready to go for a ride.

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Jeff and Amy said...

I like the new blog!!! Oh to have a clean house again. LOL Before Lily I would clean the boy's room really good about 3 times a year, but now there is no time, the mess continues to grow. LOL