Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Kali!!!!!

Today is Kali's birthday! She turns 12 today!

She can not have presents or cupcakes until her dad gets home from work. ha ha ha. That upset her just a little bit.

Kole, Kaci and I went out today to get their presents for her after Kole's eye exam. I know nothing like waiting until the last minute! But with swim meets on Saturdays and being busy or all together there was no time to sneak out and get anything. Besides that, it is a 30 minute drive to go shopping.

I will post pictures later after dad gets home.

The pictures are: Kali posing, Kaci and Kole with Reiko and Carmella, Kaci with birthday sign, Kali opening her card from us with money, Kali checking our her book on drawing people

Kali has taken up sketching and does a really good job except she was really having trouble with noses and mouths, so Kaci adn Kole got her a book to look at to see how to perfect that portion of her pictures. she does eyes really well.

She also received a sketch book, sketch pencils, a git card and money. Money is what she really wanted for a shopping trip with her friend.

Kaci made a really cute Happy Birthday sign for Kali also. We had twelve cupcakes. One for each year. This was after her favorite supper of lasagne and spinach leaves. Then we went for a dip in the pool. She is already trying to make a deal for next summer. What will I pay her a week to watch Kole and Kaci during the summer? hmmmm She suggested $10 a week. I think that is pretty good.... almost too little....

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Jennifer said...

Happy 12th Birthday, Kali! I am sure that Logan would wish you a happy bday, too, but he is at camp this week! Hope you had a great day!
Jen Schmidt