Sunday, March 27, 2011

March a month for celebration

I posted this note on facebook, and thought I would share it here with family and friends.

We have had so much to celebrate in March! Spring! yay and with it came along Xi Chun Xin (West New Spring)

Yes, Kole. Kole came to us in the spring and moved to the west from the east. He was born new in the Spring and he found his new forever family in the Spring. He became a U.S. Citizen in the spring. He started a new life in the Spring.

His name is the perfect fit for him.

Many new beginnings happen in the Spring.

From a scared, frightened, angry little boy who had been ripped from the arms of the only life he knew and understood. How could he have ever known that the love for him in his New home would be never ending? How could he have known that his sisters would love and protect him and torture him with kidding? How could he have known that no matter what he did to make us leave him, that we would stand beside him?

I think he knows that now. As he thrives and grows in the love of his home with his new forever family. He has now lived with us, his family, longer than he lived in China.

Kole still has many more New experiences along the way and every Spring will be remembered for the tornado that hit our lives that has turned into a beautiful Spring day.

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