Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where did April go?

Wow that was fast!  The kids have only one month of school left!  It is so hard to believe that this school year is almost over!  

We have a couple new school pictures.  They are nice.  I haven't scanned them in yet.  I will someday soon.
Kaci has state music competition this weekend then a Spring concert in mid May.  Kali and Kaci both have Recital on May 30th!  what a wonderful birthday present for me!

Kole is still at the violin, but doesn't try as hard as he could.  He practices when he REALLY wants to play on the computer or play video games. If he doesn't practice he can't play electonic games.

We had a beautiful Saturday today for our last day of April.  Planted a lot of pretty flowers.

This month, Reiko brought us a day old baby bunny.  She did what she could to keep it alive until we could find the nest to return it to the wild, but alas, the poor bunny died.  He, named Easter, lived 4 days being bottle fed.   There was a burial at my mom's house by the bamboo patch.   Then the next day on the way home, we stopped and got a bunny who is now named Daisy.  She matches the silly boston terrors in color.

April was very rainy and busy...  May will be just as busy.  Then June starts Swim Team through July...  Then in August School!  Kali will be a sophmore, Kaci a 6th grader and Kole in 3rd grade. 
This is Kaci's last year in the intermediate school and Kole's last year in the Elementary school....

Enjoy some pictures taken today!
Check out the black petunia in the first picture

Tree frog!

Daisy and Doodle bug

Daisy the dutch bunny

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