Sunday, July 25, 2010

Swim conference done

Saturday was the final swim meet of the season. Conference. Only the top two times of each even participated. Kaci in the 9-10 group had one of the times in 5 events. Kali in the 13-14 group had one event. She had a good year and did her best. The heat was such a killer though.

Not sure of the results completely, but I do know that Kaci was in 8th or better out of 16 in all her events.

Kali's event, one person on the relay team was able to get them disqualified but touching in the wrong spot when she finished. What a disappointment. But as the girls say "there is always next year"!

No pics. I am a bad mom. forgot my camera at home. Too hot to carry it around anyway.

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