Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer is HOT! and a vistor is coming

So far July has been HOT! Temps in the 90's with heat index as high as 110!!! The humidity has been nearly unbearable!

Swim conference is tomorrow! The last swim meet of the summer season. Next week Band Camp starts! No rest for Kali.

Kole has been practicing hard for Football season. He is doing very good! I am so proud of him

Then in 12 days we meet John Robinson, a 10 year old boy from the Phillipines. We hope to find him a forever family! Whether it is us or another family. We will see.

After he arrives I will post a picture of him with the kids! We are very excited to have John staying with us for 3 weeks. I know his name doesn't sound like the phillipines, but he is.

We have been through training, fingerprinting, forms, homestudies all sorts of stuff to bring him into our home for this short time.

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Karyn said...

What kind of program are you meeting John through? Wonder if there are programs like that up here in the 'burbs? Olivia has been home three + years now and I wouldn't mind adopting again. My husband is slower to warm up to change, but I can see him coming around and a trial run of sorts might make it seem less scary to him??