Sunday, July 11, 2010

The fun just never ends!!!

Swim team is almost over for the summer.. two more weeks... Football starts in another week and a half.. band camp starts at the end of the month...

Then in August... register for school, high school swim team practice starts, and we will be welcoming an orphan from the Phillipines into our home for 3 weeks in hopes of finding him a forever family. John is 9 or 10 or maybe even 10 or 11. Not really sure. No birthdate was given to him. Anyway.. We received a call last week, on a Saturday morning to find out if we would be willing to get our foster licensing paperwork done ASAP. We took one look at his file and said yes we would host him. So while getting our paperwork done for the licensing we have decided to replace the hallway flooring, finish building a shed, shampoo carpets and try to clean up the driveway. ha ha ha along with the rest of our summer fun! Hopefully after school starts, we can replace the carpet in Kole's room with parquet flooring too. One room at a time.

We have just one step to complete in the licensing process and that is our physicals next week.

Then it is wait and see what happens. I don't see how we could possibly be a risk for this child unless they are afraid of him having way too much fun and things to do. Kole is so excited to have a foster brother. The girls think John is adorable. So maybe, just maybe things went crazy with the China adoption part for just this reason, that someone else was going to need us more.

The best treat of all is that at least two of Boyd's brothers are coming to visit today and help with the shed! I think if he had just asked they would have come sooner! We are all so excited to have them visiting.

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