Saturday, August 8, 2009

Twelve more days of summer vacation

With twelve day left until school starts things have already started to wind up here.
Kali started marching band camp at the school 3 - 4 days a week. Kole is into the swing in cub scouts and Kaci is signed up for Hip Hop dance starting the 27th.

Monday I get my stitches out and then I can get in the pool again!

Next weekend we are having a cookout and have invited a few people over to keep it small.

Kole had his Shriner's visit this past Wednesday and it went very well. His hearing and ears are in perfect shape. His teeth are growing great including the bonus tooth!
Next year we are looking toward a palate expander if he has more permanent teeth by then.
And he is on a list to get a cleft nasal repair to straighten his nose out a bit so kids can leave that part of him alone. It has only happened a couple times, but kids can just be cruel if you are not what they see in their eyes as normal. Kole is now 48 inches tall and 48.5 pounds. Not too bad!
He is growing like crazy!

Kali is maturing at a remarkable rate. She is more focused this year than last. She is really enjoying band even more this year..

Kaci is trying to mature... but still has a ways to go... She loves to dance.

Boyd is doing well, still laid off, but that has been a plus for us this summer with no daycare needed. It will also come in handy when Kole has his surgery. Boyd can go and I can stay back and save my time for when I am sick.. Let's hope I don't get sick.

We have had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to a great school year.

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