Monday, August 3, 2009

last week of July and heading into August

Vivian stayed with us until July 30. We were so happy to have her stay with us. Just her presence brought a peace around the house. She is such a lovely girl inside and out. The kids loved having her... Kole was actually kind of flirting with her. LOL He was shy to do things hewould normally do...ha ha. I wished I could have taken more time off work to spend with her and the family. oh well better to look forward than back!

This week brings a start to band camp for Kali, a craniofacial team appointment at Shriner's for Kole and school registration for all three. Cub scouts starts this week too! oh boy... I thought I would be ready, but I could use another week or two! I also think it is time to register Kaci for dance. School starts in under three weeks!

During all this, I had a slight accident and cut one of my toes to the bone and had to have it stitched up. I guess it was a good excuse to have the kids help more around the house. Too bad it hurt more than anything I have felt for a really long time... And very lucky that the bone was not broken. The doctor didn't say what would have happened then... I didn't ask either.
I can still walk, but slowly.
And Boyd cleaned up the garage so I can walk out the door and to the deep freeze and not kill myself. Too bad it takes an injury to wake everyone up.

We are planning a cookout with the big sibs and a few friends for in a couple weeks. That should be fun. Not a huge event just a few friends over too.

The kids loved going to City Museum with Vivian while she was here. I really think Boyd is the one that really likes it! ha ha The kids have the most fun! They get to try so many dare devil things that are supervised, sort of...

Well, that is all for now and sorry no pics!

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