Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy 90th Birthday to Grandma!!!

Today my grandma turns 90. Wow! We went to the nursing home on Saturday for an Open House Party for her. A lot of family and her friends were there. She whispered to me that her boyfriend was there, but his wife took him away.. ROTFL!!!

She lit up like a candle seeing all the family and friends. My uncle's friend Ben showed up and made her day... He was like another son to her.

She noticed QiJia and wanted to know "Who is this young man?"
I told her it was QiJIa and he was staying with us for a school year. She just smiled so big!
The party wore her out after about an hour and a half, so she called it quits and headed back to room as we headed back home.

Grandma and longtime friend Mrs.Pearcy

Mom and Judy

Brandi, Pat and Rob

Tyler, QiJia, Kaci, Kole and Phil

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