Thursday, December 25, 2008


We started celebrating last night on Christmas Eve with Junk Food and Christmas Movies! We watched the Musical version of "A Christmas Carol", "It's a Wonderful Life", and "Miracle on 34th Street" . We drank Welch's sparkling grape juice and brought up funny stories from past Christmases. At one point I was the only one watching the movies! LOL

We got the kids in bed by 10:30 so Santa could visit! At about 7 this morning the kids started trying to wake us up. It did no good, we finally arose around 8 and the kids, minus Max who was still sleeping) started sorting the presents right away. After the gifts were sorted, the kids went wild trying to get Max up. They pulled all the covers off of him and were yelling and then Kali went and got an ice cube! Well, Max was up before she could get in there to put it down his shirt! LOL

Boyd came last and then we had to make sure the pets were fed, more anticipation, then get coffee.. LOL It was driving them batty waiting for us to say dig in! And they did!

Then, of course it was time to try out all the new stuff!


Dawn said...

Looks like fun! Merry Christmas to you too!!!

Vivian said...

Merry Christmas!!
Kali is wearing the Taiwan shirt i gave her!

Jeff and Amy said...

Looks like yo guys had a wonderful Christmas!!!