Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ice, concert, and cookies

We had ice this week. About a 1/4 inch on everything. We were very lucky, most of it melted off the power lines the next day. But now it is all frozen in the driveway and the yard and some of the less traveled streets in town.

These are pictures in front of our house

This weekend we had a basketball game to attend on Friday night. A basketball game on Saturday morning and Volleyball practice on Saturday morning. After these we came home and ate then Max and I left for the Holiday pops concert that Max was participating in with the Sangamon Valley Youth Orchestra and the Illinois Symphony Orchestra.

Max is sitting at in the first picture. The full symphony in the second and their was a special guest! Santa Claus!!!

After the concert, we drove home and Kali has a friend spending the night. They were all going to help bake cookies. Maybe they should have instead of what they were doing while I was baking, and I did not do well at all!

The Brigadeiro is the only thing that turned out! ha ha ha

In the pan is the Brigadeiro cooling. The little chocolate balls are on the wax paper.

Her is what most of my helpers were doing.. Watching Wall-E the movie. ha ha ha

Kaci was off listening to music in another room

This is Abigail, Kali, Max and Kole

Tonight it is supposed to get down to 5 degrees Farenheit. Tomorrow we are only going to have a high of 7 degrees Farenheit. I sure hope there is no wind!!! Just a breeze will send us to below zero temps!

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Dawn said...

Lucky you, its now 4 days later and our trees still have more ice than that on them. (well except where the wind has blown it off)
If I order summer now from Ebay how long will it take to arrive???