Sunday, December 4, 2011

72 hours ...

We will know for sure that Kali will be going to China in June 2012 in just 72 hours. She attended a group interview with 11 other delegate candidates today and got along well with all of them! She has grown up so much! So here we go! We have started fundraising as if she was selected. Any amount we make that is above and beyond the amount Kali needs for this trip will be donated to our local food bank and to Love Without Boundries.

There are a couple things we are working on besides the Chipin account.
One is a Scentsy Fundraiser. You can go to this website ( scroll open parties and select Kalis Fundraiser. Order online and the order will be shipped to your home address or the address you designate.

If you are local or within an easy drive we are also collecting aluminum cans to turn in.

Any assistance will be helpful and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping meet this goal of returning to China!

Leave a comment if you have cans to be picked up or better yet, if you are far away turn them in for cash and then just send Kali a check. You can private message me on facebook or at my email address

Thank you!!!!

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