Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and a lot more!

This year we went to my brother Pat's house for Thanksgiving.  We had a lot of fun and loved getting caught up.  Too bad we could only stay a few hours.  Then Friday following Thanksgiving, we had a big meal at home.  We are still recovering from the carbohydrate overload of the past 3 days.

The kids are healthy, the animals are all doing well with the exception of Mia.  Her leg is messed up and she will need to see the vet.  If it isn't one of the kids, it is one of the dogs or cats needing medical attention.

Earlier this month I took Kali to an orientation for People to People Ambassadors.  She has applied and interviews next week to go to China!!!!!   She is so excited!  I am excited for her!  We are in the process of funds raising and saving to hopefully have enough money come June 2012 for her to go. 

Right before her 16th birthday she will be returning the the country of her birth as a Student Ambassador for the US.    We are saving aluminum cans and cashing those in.  She is also working on coming up with other fundraising ideas.  Two friends have offered to have Scentsy parties and giving her a percentage.  Her interview is a week from today.  I don't seem to think there will be any reason why she shouldn't do wonderful at the interview. 

If you would like to help in anyway, have a fundraiser, make a donation, save your cans and donate what you earn from them...  let us know by email for commenting on this blog.  This is a chance of a lifetime for Kali.

I am going to try to get a Chipin working to put on this blog.  Just need to figure it out.

Thank you in advance for any assistance anyone would like to give.  

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