Friday, November 4, 2011

November is here already!

Time is flying by!  Kaci turned twelve!  Kali is driving!  Kole is playing on a competitive basketball league!  November is the month when we sent our paperwork in for each kid years apart!  Thanksgiving is on the horizon with Christmas right on it's shirt tails.

Parent teacher conferences are done.  The kids are amazing!  Academically I will never have to worry.  They try their best and do well.  They are all honor roll kids. 

Kali has been struggling to get straight A's this year, but she also has a very challenging  course load.  Biology II (junior class), Chemistry (Junior Class), Geometry, World History, English, Band, Spanish II.  I am sure there is one more in there. She is also involved in Swim Team, Leadership, and she is the Class treasurer.  She is a sophmore.

Kaci continues getting wonderful grades.  She also participates in Band and Basketball.  Basketball is winding down, then on to volleyball.  She is trying out sports this year and will decide her favorite over the summer. 

Kole is reading at a 4th grade level as a 3rd grader.  He is being moved to a more challenging reading curriculum at school a couple days a week to challenge him.  He finished up football on a good note and then moved on to basketball.  This was his first year on Honor Roll.

We also acquired a new cat.  Smokey (I was going to name him Maurice, but no one liked that name).

The dogs are doing well and love Smokey.  Tink is starting to accept him in the house.

Picutres:  Bonfire, Kaci's basketball team, JAsmin's cross country team, Reiko and Smokey,
KAli, Ally and Kole at bonfire, Kaci after the cake fight, last two are Kole at football.

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