Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How could I have forgotten!!!

Kaci turned 11!  Yep, that's right 11 years old!  It seems like just yesterday her dossier was going off to China.  In October the little crud added a year to her age and a hole in each ear.  She now has double piercing in each ear.  Looks really cute.  For her party she invited over 7 + friends, but only seven showed up.  She had a bonfire weiner roast.  What fun they had.  Kali invited her boyfriend over and the house was full of kids.  Three of Kaci's friends spent the night and they were giggling and talking until after midnight.  They had so much fun!     Then that Friday after the party was the Halloween Carnival at the school where I took Kole and Kaci there while Kali was on a ahem ahem cough cough  Date! with her boyfriend Sam.  They went to the playoff game between Athens and Auburn with his parents.  I guess I missed a really good tight game. 

Enjoy the Birthday pictures!

Aren't they a bunch of really silly girls!?  this last one where they are trying to look mean... LOL  They are just soooo scary! LOL

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