Thursday, October 8, 2009

A surpise call

Tuesday I was sitting in a meeting and my cell phone buzzed with a number I hadn't seen before, so I excused myself since they were working on some technical difficulties. It was a call from Shriners to tell us they had a cancellation for a surgery and would we like to have Kole's nose and lip revision done. I said when does he need to be there. She said tomorrow. So I called Boyd and we decided that he would go up with Kole. They checked in at 10:00 am on Wednesday and at 8:30 am today (Thursday) he was in surgery. He came out of surgery at 10:45 and was released at 3:00 pm to come home! He will be on a soft diet for two weeks and then back in 3 for a checkup. He looks amazing even with the swelling...


After 10 hours past the surgery

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Dawn said...

Poor kid, he looks great but soo worn out. I can't wait to hear how he feels about it!