Saturday, October 17, 2009

Busy week and post surgery pics update

We have been very busy with school and activities this past week. Both Boyd and I have been on our second round of antibiotics fighting sinus infections or bronchitis... The kids remain well, thank goodness!
Kole is doing great since his surgery, we have allowed him to have regular food a little early but still not crispy hard foods...
Kali is off with the band today to watch some competition in Champaign... We are off to a weiner roast later today at some friends' home. Today was a cleaning day and I cracked the whip to get some bedrooms straightened up and the main living areas.
Kaci has taken to chatting on her cellphone with a friend from school who happens to be a boy. They talk about what is going on at school and their friends and what their plans are....

Post operative pics at 1 week and this weekend

Tink is very comfy on top of the dishwasher and Boyd and Reiko and sweetpea worn out from all the stuff.

Reiko bothering Boyd to play with him.

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