Sunday, April 5, 2009

Springtime and trees

Boyd and I went out and purchased two new large trees for the yard. We purchased a burgundy red maple and a lavender silk crab apple. We have been wanting to replace the tree in front that was cut back last year and we were finally able to save up for it. We will miss the shade it provided this summer but hopefully the other tree will start giving out some shade next year. Boyd cut the tree down yesterday. It was a little hairy that at first when the tree was going to go the wrong way. Like on to the house!

We lucked out and it fell the way we wanted to and missed the azalea and the bleeding hearts and the house!

I was very glad that the tree missed the last three plants. O.k. so you can not tell the azalea is there. It is the picture that looks like sticks with a gnome... It leaves out really late

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