Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Allergies are really bad here this time of year. So, when do decide to get Kali retested? Yesterday. It is time to decide if she will get the shots or not.

She was tested for 80 different trees, grasses, pollens, molds, other inhalants and foods.

Pollens: all grasses, trees, weeds, corn. With corn pollen being the worst reaction. But trees and grasses are right up there.

Other inhalants: dust mites, cockroach dust (ew!, we don't have any of those)

Molds: Mild allergy, not much to worry about.

Foods: Mild allergy to egg yolk, wheat, soy, fish.

Others are bug bites and those registered really high too.

Maybe now that she has seen pictures and talked to the allergist she will take her medicine like she is supposed to. I am thinking camping outside at night is not going to be very good for her.

I would post pictures, but she asked me not to. So I will not. Sorry....

Bad allergy to Peanut and shellfish.

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