Sunday, May 30, 2010

End of May

The end of May has brought about so many changes... Kali graduated from the 8th grade and is now officially a freshman in High School. After the ceremony we shot some pictures and Kali and I headed to IHOP for a celebratory dinner with other families and friends. Kole came with us, but Kaci was tired, so Boyd took her home and missed out.

Now that this ceremony is over on to the last couple days of school then swim team starts. It is going to be a busy summer! Kali really enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Sam. He is a good kid. He is shy and likes to kind of watch things for a while. He doesn't let too many people know too much about him. He is a private person. Kali is the opposite, in that she likes to be with friends and hang out, but she too will sit back and watch people before she leaps into a relationship of any kind. Both are witty and smart.

Next post I should have more pics of the other two kids.

Oh and I had a birthday along with my older brother (who just so happens to be a half century old!) LOL I wonder if he will see this.....

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