Sunday, April 11, 2010

April is almost half over!

Holy Cow! Where has the time gone! It is moving so fast! Let's see....

We had a wonderful time at the U of I for ICASP (Illinois Chinese Adopted Sibling Program) put on by TASC (Taiwanese American Student Club). The kids love going to see their "Big Sibs". I love going so I can hang out with the other parents and learn about what our children go through being Asian and living in a Caucasion home. I also learn about the positive things that we are alreday doing for our kids and how we can support them later. A extra benefit, the food! oh yeah, very good!

All the kids are growing by leaps and bounds. Kole still has a size 1 foot. But he is getting taller! Kali and Kaci have almost caught up with Boyd and I. They have been on Spring break this week, so they have been home to drive their dad crazy. Boyd started a part time job at the airport. Sounds interesting and something new all the time.

I have been working crazy hard at work. Some days I am so burned out, I am not sure how I make it home, but I do. I have also started back at Weight Watchers trying to loose weight to feel healthier to keep up with these kids! If I am not doling out money, I am driving them somewhere or picking up something for them. Crazy busy. There is only about 7 more weeks of school.

Kali will be in a play in a couple of weeks. We will be glad when that is over... a lot of running to and from the school almost daily.

Kaci will have recital in June. That should be fun to see. I think their theme this year is candy.

Kole is still doing cub scouts and spends way more time in front of the TV and video games than I should let me. Some days it is just easier to ignore it.

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure:

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