Wednesday, February 24, 2010

crazy month

February is almost gone and we have been very busy. Kole is getting ready for the Pinewood Derby this weekend. Kali had a solo contest with the National Federation Junior Music Festival and an afternoon and evening out with friends to a movie and a sleep over. Kaci is just trying to follow along..

We have brought home a new puppy. And of course our lives are busy. Boyd had some blood pressure issues that are now under control. He continues to be laid off and is still looking for work where he doesn't have to drive an hour to get there every day. The kids are doing well in school. Kole got his second yellow light of the school year. He was talking and playing instead of listening. This does not surprise me. He has a very good imagination and instead of sitting and watching a TV program, he will stand and watch in case the urge strikes him to play sword with the invisible people. He might even have to get a flying kick or cartwheel in there.

Kali got a Superior from her contest on Sunday! That is like getting a first division in IMEA.

Me, I have eaten way too many of my mom's cookies that she sent down. They are awesome! The one tin is nearly empty... the M&M cookies...

Drake is our new puppy. He is very smart and sometimes we think he is just too darn smart for his own good. Reiko is very good with him. Mia the doberman is scared of him, but getting better. You can tell Tasha is thinking, oh boy, here we go again.... lol

We will all be glad when this cold weather snaps and we have temps above 30 for more than a day.

Now for some pictures:

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