Saturday, November 7, 2009

I have fallen behind!

The school year has been very busy this year. Between Band, Dance, Cub Scouts, and just plain every day life stuff it gets busy. We have Qijia in Art Club and Drama Club. We are hoping that this will help him make and meet new friends. We have been pushing him very hard to get his greades up in English and American History. He thinks he should just take different classes! LOL These are required classes that he has to take. Kali was straight A's this first quarter and Kaci had all A's and 1 B. Kole is doing great with his V and S+ grades. He just needs to learn to focus and not talk in class when he is not supposed to. Kole does participate regularly and the teachers are very impressed.

Halloween was fun. I stayed home and handed out candy. I sent the kids (minus Kali) alone. Well, they wouldn't go... so Boyd loaded them up and took them. Kali was sick for HAlloween night and was finally better on Wednesday to go back to school. Then Thursday she had spacers put in between her teeth in preparation for braces going on Veteran's day. She has been in a lot of pain with the spacers. It has made it very hard for her to eat.

All the kids that went enjoyed trick or treating with their dad. He took them all over Athens. I just take them in a couple neighborhoods..

Kole has been sick now since Wednesday.. low grade fever and irritating cough. He survived last night on the Robitussin... Yay!

Kaci has turned 10! We did not do much except she had a friend over and we had cake. She wanted her presents really early and there wasn't much there. But she was o.k. with that.

I had to go through my yearly physical and blood work and again have impaired glucose. I have to remember to stay on top of it and stick with the lifestyle changes no matter what anyone says or offers. It is going to be so tough to do... but I have to for me and my family.

Below are some pics from Halloween, Kaci's b-day and ICASP Fall 2009

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