Saturday, May 23, 2009

Busy weeks behind us!

Wow! The last couple weeks of school are very busy with finals and field trips and so many things!

Boyd went with Kaci on her field trip last week to the Newspaper and our zoo in Springfield. They both had a great time. Boyd forgot the camera so no pics of that trips.

This week Kole and Boyd attended a Cub Scout Orientation meeting, a get together at Chuck E Cheese and the year end field trip to the Children's Museum and Scovil Zoo. The T-shirts say "I was in Mrs. Coady's last Class 2008-2009. Kole's kindergarten teacher is retiring at the end of this school year.

I attended the Junior High/High school Spring Band and Choir concert. It was going to run long, so Boyd stayed home to take care of the younger two and get them in bed at a decent time.

Today, May 23, we went with friends to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Strawberry Festival. Then back home to chat for a bit before they left. Then we took care of the dogs and off we went to go to dinner then home to watch some movies.

Kole, Kaci, Kali and on the far right is Uyen!

Kali's big field trip is Tuesday to Kickapoo State park. She will have a blast!

A small clip from the concert taken on my phone

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